Monday, February 17, 2014

More Jackpots Rollover

Nobody matched all the numbers in Saturday's US Powerball draw so the jackpot has rolled over again and now stands at an estimated $400 million.

Friday night's Mega-Millions jackpot also rolled over so the next draw will offer a top prize of $154 million.

With big-money jackpots like these still up for grabs Powerball and Mega-Millions ticket sales may increase over the next few days and if they do the Jackpots for both draws may increase further still.

The Florida Lotto jackpot also rolled over at the weekend. At $11 million the present estimated jackpot is not in the same league as the multi-state games, but $11 million is still a life-changing amount.

The next Mega-Millions draw is on Tuesday. The numbers for Powerball and Florida Lotto will be drawn on Wednesday.