Monday, February 17, 2014

Lottery Lucky Streak Ends with a Big Win

A store clerk from Del Mar has ended a succession of smaller scratch-off ticket wins with a $1 million win on a California Lottery Scratchers ticket.

Craig Misewicz said his lucky streak began on January 20.

"I had been feeling kind of lucky and I had gone on a streak from the 20th on, where I had won a Daily Derby and a $100 Scratcher at CVS, $100 at Ralphs," Misewicz explained.

His lucky streak continued to hold good earlier this month when he bought a couple of California Gold scratch-off tickets from the Del Mar Wine Company. Misewicz works at the store and his employer, Ravi Zora, remembers the incident well because Misewicz dropped to the ground as soon as he'd finished scratching his winning ticket.

"What are you doing on the ground?" Zora asked. Misewicz told him he was unwell, but when Zora helped him to his feet Misewicz began laughing and told him, "You just picked up a millionaire."

Misewicz did his best to shun publicity, and only shared the good news with a few family and friends, but word got out anyway and he says he's already had a few people turn up at his door since the win.

Unlike many other winners, Misewicz has no intention of buying a new car or a big house. He plans to return to work and use his winnings to help others.

"I've always been a pay-it-forward kind of guy," he said.