Saturday, February 8, 2014

Illinois Lotto Buddies Share Their Big Win

Lotto Buddies Rob Devine, 61, and Athena Korines, 51, won a $1 million prize last week after they went halves on an Illinois Lottery scratch-off ticket.

The lucky pair have been friends for many years, but only began playing the lottery together 18 months ago.

Devine purchased their lucky ticket from Chestnut Wine and Spirits in Glenview, and Korines admits she was flabbergasted when she realized they had won.

"I didn’t believe it was real!" Korines said. "When it finally sunk in, we signed the back of the ticket, put it in my purse and drove straight to the Illinois Lottery Center in Des Plaines."

The two friends decided to take the cash option of $600,000. Devine plans to invest his share of the win and Korines says she will buy a new house and give some money to her children.