Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lottery Winner Moves into Hostel for the Homeless

Twelve years after his £9.7 million win on the UK National Lottery; Michael Carroll is living in a hostel for the homeless.

Carroll, now 30, had his life-changing win in 2002, but his outrageous behavior and over-the-top lifestyle resulted in him being labeled "the lotto lout".

When the former dustman collected his winnings he was wearing an electronic tag the courts had imposed as a punishment for being drunk and disorderly. He stated his initial purchases would be a fishing lake and a Ford Orion car. His modest dreams did not last long. An early spending spree secured him a mansion near Swaffham, and he promptly turned the garden into a race track for bangers.

Carroll wasted much of his wealth on drugs, bling, hookers, and a hard partying lifestyle that resulted in a succession of court appearances. He vowed to change his ways, in 2006, after he was jailed for affray and failing a drug test. By this time he was already rumored to be broke.

By 2010 Carroll applied to get his old job back, and last year he was getting £6 an hour for packing boxes in a Scottish biscuit factory. He has since been dismissed and is now living in a hostel in Inverness. 

"It’s like a horror film—it’s full of junkies," Carroll told a local tabloid.  He is now negotiating with movie producers, who are considering turning his life into a movie, and Carroll is keen to see Danny Dyer cast in the starring role.