Friday, January 31, 2014

Factory Worker Dodges Shopping Trip and Nets a Big Scratchcard Win

A factory worker from Smethwick has won £250,000 on the UK National Lottery scratch card he bought instead of accompanying his wife on their weekly grocery shop.

Paul Bagnell's wife Deborah knows her man has an aversion to shopping, and is used to him disappearing and leaving her to push the trolley alone. So when she found herself doing a solo shop on a recent visit to their local Aldi it was nothing new, but she never expected he would return a quarter of a million pounds richer.

When Paul dodged the shop to go and buy a scratch card he was in two minds about the best place to go, but finally settled on the DSM newsagent in Bearwood.

"I thought I'll go in the Co-op and then I thought 'no, I’ll go in DSM'," Paul said, and admits to finally deciding on the newsagents because he had an instinct it was the right thing to do.

When he'd finished scratching the Rainbow Scratchcard the stunned shop dodger was amazed at what he'd uncovered and rushed back to show his wife. 

Pulling her to quiet corner of the store, he held out the card and gradually revealed the amount of they had won.

"I saw a 2," Deborah recalled. "I said '200?' He revealed the lot and I just went into shock."

The couple now plan to holiday in Mauritius, and Paul says he may buy a new car, but he still intends to keep his job at the Haws Elliot watering can factory. "I love the place where I am," said Paul.