Thursday, January 9, 2014

Canadian Man Disputes Lotto Max Jackpot Award

A Canadian man has filed a lawsuit in an effort to claim a Lotto Max Jackpot that has already been awarded to another player.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming awarded the $50 million jackpot to, Cambridge engineer, Kathyrn Jones. She picked up her check on Tuesday, but fellow Cambridge resident, Les King, is adamant he is the winner.

The Jackpot prize at the center of the controversy was drawn on November 30, 2012, but the prize was not claimed and it took over a year for lottery investigators to track down the winning ticket holder. 

Using their analytics data, the investigators traced the ticket to the Shopper's Drug Mart, Dundas Street, Cambridge. They then used a mixture of security camera footage and credit card transaction details to finally locate the missing winner, who they still proclaim to be Jones.

When lottery representatives arrived on her doorstep though, Jones had to think twice about letting them in because she'd forgotten all about the ticket she'd bought on a whim and then lost.

The OLG held a press conference on Dec 3, and allowed 30 days for any disputes to come to light. King disputed the claim at once, stating he also bought a ticket from the Shopper's Drug Mart that day, had lost his ticket as well, and that the prize is rightfully his. King says he bears Jones no ill will though, and would love to meet her someday. "Seems we both have life changing stories to share," he said.