Thursday, December 26, 2013

Camelot Say No Dice to Scratchcard Win

A 75-year-old cancer patient's high spirits dropped to an all-time low when his £80,000 lottery win was reduced to £2 because of a printing error on his (UK ) National Lottery scratchcard.

Retired gas and central heating engineer, Tom Gray, bought the Lucky Streak scratchcard on a visit to a Tesco supermarket and planned to share the winnings with his four children and eight grandchildren. He also intended to pay off the debt on his car, but when his daughter tried to help him claim the prize lottery officials informed her the card's serial number was not listed as a winner on their database.

Lucky Streak scratchcards first became available in September and the cards are printed with two games that provide eight opportunities to win a cash prize. Each card offers a one in four chance of winning and the cards have already paid out £15.2 million in prizes. Mr. Gray’s card offered prizes of £10, £50, £5,000, and a top prize of £80,000 for two dice with four spots. When Gray uncovered a second four-spot-dice he was ecstatic, but lottery officials say the second dice should have shown five spots and only showed four due to an error in the printing process. The fact that the card was listed as a £2 winner for another game did little to soften the blow. "It's their fault if there’s a printing error," Gray said. "I hope they realize it’s their mistake." Lottery organizers, Camelot, are now requesting the card be sent to them so that they can look further into the matter.