Sunday, November 16, 2014

Rush Hour Traffic Causes a Canadian Landscaper to Make a Fast Million

A landscaper from Ontario, Canada has raked in a big win with an "Instant $100 Million$ Fortune" scratch-off ticket.

Nigel Allen, 52, purchased his ticket from a Kipling Husky gas station in Vaughan while he was killing time waiting for the morning rush hour to subside. It proved to a profitable investment for the lucky landscaper because when he scratched away the ticket's top surface he discovered he'd won CAD$ 1 million.

"I saw the numbers. I couldn’t believe it!" Allen recalled. "I went into the store to have the ticket validated. The woman in line behind me was even more excited than I was."

Speaking of his plans for the money, Allen said he would probably pay off his mortgage and do a little travelling.

"This is just going to make everything nice and easy for my sons, my wife and myself," he said.