Saturday, November 22, 2014

Lottery Winner Cannot Get a Mortgage

EuroMillions Raffle winner Matt Myles, 27, may have a lot of money sitting in the bank, but he has recently been refused a mortgage because the banks do not consider him a good risk.

When he bagged his $1 million prize in April this year Matt quite his job at the Cargill meat factory in Hereford, England, and jetted-off on an around the world trip. He took his brother Pete, 27, and several friends with him and the group enjoyed a seven-month "bender".

Matt's party destinations included Indonesia, America, Thailand, Italy, and Spain. The gang even managed to fit in time to fly to Brazil for the World Cup in June.

"We basically tried to do a night on, a night off the sauce [alcohol], but most of the time it was night on, night on, night on."

The total spend on alcohol was £72,000.

The celebrations finally came to an end when Matt decided it was time for him to "be a proper grown up" and start planning for his future.

When he returned to the UK earlier this month, Matt's intention was to get into the property market, but his lack of a regular income and his previous bad credit rating scuppered his plans when the banks refused to offer their support.

"I was going to buy a load of houses with mortgages and then get people in to rent them to pay for the mortgage," Matt explained. "But mortgage lenders don’t see the interest of an investment as income so, in effect I am a millionaire, but I can’t even get a mortgage."