Friday, October 31, 2014

Wedding Bells for EuroMillions Winner

A EuroMillions player from England is busy planning a no-expense-spared wedding after scooping a £241,508.90 prize.

Essex man, Billy Bradley 23, and his partner Sarah have spent years saving for their wedding, but have never had enough money to finally set the date. All that changed on Tuesday, October 21, 2014, when Billy's Lucky Dip ticket matched all five main numbers and one Lucky Star.

He discovered he'd won when he visited Sarah at her mother's house the day after he draw and went online to check the numbers.

"As soon as I saw the size of the win on the screen I let out the biggest yell and then couldn't stop leaping about the room and whooping with joy," he said.

Unfortunately the uncharacteristic display scared his two little boys and they both burst into tears.

"I told Sarah what had happened but she didn’t believe me and calmly took the boys upstairs for their bedtime bath," Billy recalled. "In fact, she wouldn't believe it really was true until the winner's advisor visited us and finally confirmed we were £241,508.90 richer."

Billy and Sarah got engaged when they discovered Sarah was pregnant with their first son, but finding the money pay for the wedding proved to be an impossible task.

"Although I work full time money has often been tight and there hasn't always been enough to cover the monthly expenses let alone a wedding," Billy explained.

With money no longer a problem, he can finally give Sarah the kind of wedding she has always dreamed of having. He will also be able to stop working "silly hours" and spend a little more time with her and their two boys.