Monday, October 13, 2014

Library Closure Could Result in Lottery Grant Having to Be Repaid

Leicestershire County Council (UK) may have to re-evaluate its decision to close one of its libraries because the move could result in the need to repay a lottery grant.

The council is facing a major budget shortfall over the next four years and, in an effort to save money, is considering transferring the running of library services to community groups.

If no groups volunteer their services though, it is possible many libraries may close, including the Newbould Verdon Library.

If the Council goes ahead with its plan it expects to save £800,000, but local politicians point out the move could result in the Council having to payback a £781,402 grant awarded to Newbould Verdon Library by the UK National Lottery's Big Lottery Fund.

Speaking at a recent council meeting Councilor Mullaney (Liberal Democrat Hinckley Trinity) pushed for the move to be reconsidered, stating: "The whole plans do not make financial sense."