Tuesday, October 7, 2014

EuroMillions Winner Refuses to Pay his Window Cleaning Bill

A British window cleaner is taking a EuroMillions winner to court for refusing to pay a bill of just £375.

Steve Rix and his window cleaning team spent over four hours cleaning swimming pool windows, glass staircases, and mirrors for Nigel Page at his £5 million eco-mansion in the Cotswolds. An hour after they had finished Rix received a call from Page's estate manager, who  informed him the bill would not be paid.

Apparently the estate's surveillance cameras had captured footage that showed one of Rix's employees taking pictures of a McLaren sports car and the loaded landowner considered this an invasion of his privacy.

Rix apologized and ensured the pictures were deleted, but Page still refused to pay up.

"That money is nothing to him but to me it's half a month's wages," Rix said. "To come up with such a petty reason not to pay is just ridiculous."

Page won a £56 million EuroMillions jackpot in 2010, but Rix only earns around £13,000 a year.

"He probably earns the money he owes every minute in interest," Rix continued. "There's no reason for him not to pay up."

The incident happened in May this year and, after several unsuccessful attempts to get the millionaire to pay-up; Rix launched a case at the small claims court on Thursday, October 2.  Page has until October 16 to respond.