Friday, September 26, 2014

Work Buddies Win Identical Prizes

People are quick to say lightning never strikes twice in the same place, but Nova Scotian work buddies Chris Parker and Ernest Lightfoot recently proved the old saying wrong when they both secured identical lottery prizes.

Parker bagged his CAD$ 25,649 prize when he was the Guaranteed Prize Draw winner in the Canada Lotto 649 drawing held on Wednesday August 6, 2014.

Defying all the odds, Lightfoot won the CAD$ 25,649 Guaranteed Prize Draw the following week.

There is one Guaranteed Prize Draw winner in every Lotto 649 drawing.

Kentville resident, Parker may have won his prize before Lightfoot, but he wasn't as on the ball when it came to claiming it. He is a regular player, but always holds onto his tickets for a while before he gets around to checking them, and was spurred into action when he heard the Atlantic Lottery Corporation was searching for a missing Prize Draw winner in the Nova Scotia area.

When parker eventually checked his tickets he discovered he'd won CAD$ 5 on the very first ticket. The big winner was at the bottom of the stack.

Lightfoot, who lives at Cambridge, was quicker to realize he'd won a prize and had made his claim long before Parker checked his tickets.

As for their plans for the money, Lightfoot has his heart set on a new home, Parker plans to share the money with his wife and two daughters, and both men are considering taking a vacation.