Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Second Win of the Year for Ohio Woman

A lottery player from Brunswick, Ohio, recently celebrated her second big win of the year.

Earlier this year lucky Mary Riedel  won $50,000 playing the Ohio Lottery's "Anniversary Millions" game and she was doubly fortunate two weeks ago she when bagged a $100,000 prize on a "Hot $100,000" scratch-off ticket.

Two years ago Riedel won just under $8,000 playing the lottery's "Cash Explosion" game, so Lady Luck has been quite generous with her, and each win is bigger than the one that precedes it.

When asked about her secret to lottery success, Riedel put it down to state of mind.

"I always think I'm going to win when I buy a ticket, I never think I’m not going to win it, so I think that’s half the battle," she explained.