Thursday, September 4, 2014

Pizza Parlor Worker Bags a Big Win

Pizza parlor worker, Arthur Lund, 36, picked up a generous helping of cash last week when his UK National Lottery scratchcard scooped him a £300,000 prize.

The lucky Runcorn resident bought his winning "Cash Lines" ticket using the last of his pocket change, while on his way to work.

"I buy scratchcards every now and again when I’ve got a spare pound or two," Lund said. "I was feeling particularly lucky that day and noticed the Cash Lines scratchcard—which is one I’ve never bought before—so thought I’d try my luck before starting my shift."

Lund waited until he'd arrived at the Pizza Parlor before he got to work on the ticket and was amazed at what his scratching revealed.

"I had to keep checking and double-checking that what I was seeing was actually real. I couldn’t believe it," Lund recalled. "I’ve had a few small wins in the past, but never thought I would be lucky enough to win a prize of this scale. It’s really going to change my life forever."