Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Peeved Players Sue the Texas Lottery Commission

The Texas Lottery Commission is facing legal proceedings after hundreds of players were refused prizes of up to $500,000. The lottery claims the players misinterpreted the rules printed on their "Fun 5" scratch-off tickets, but Texas Lottery watchdog Dawn Nettles does not agree and has already sent a letter of complaint to the Travis County district attorney.

Houston-based attorney Manfred Sternberg, who has been hired by a group of disgruntled players, says the Lottery Commission must step up to the mark before its reputation is damaged any further.

"You've got the players of the game and the people of Texas saying that they're cheaters," Sternberg said. "That's not good PR and, quite frankly, it's not what we want from our Lottery Commission."

The controversial game remains in circulation and the lottery says it has no plans to recall the offending cards.

"The lottery is trying to convince everyone that they're reading it wrong and that's B.S.," Nettles fumed. "They are out their selling a product that is deceptive."