Monday, September 8, 2014

Lucky 47!

A EuroMillions player from Henley, England, who won a £157,766 prize, claims her lucky break was due a premonition that convinced her she should use the number 47.

Leah Gomersall, 60, usually only enters the EuroMillions Friday night drawing, but Leah was so convinced the dream number was winner she broke her habit and decided to purchase a ticket for the Tuesday, August 19, 2014, drawing.

"For some strange reason I couldn’t get the number 47 out of my head," Leah explained, "so when I went to get mum’s pension—on a whim—I decided to play EuroMillions using numbers four and seven in a variety of combinations."

Her tactics paid off because she was one of five players who successfully matched five main numbers and one Lucky Star.

Leah, who lives with her disabled mother, placed her winning ticket inside the mouth of her "Lucky Frog" ornament and forgot all about it. She remembered the ticket and the following week, took it to a local supermarket, and was flabbergasted when she discovered the size of her prize.

"When the lady in Tesco checked the ticket she said I had to ring Camelot because I’d had a big win," Leah said.  "I was thinking it might be about £500. I didn’t dream it would be any more than that."

Leah has already put some of her winnings to good use. She has bought her mother a new mobility scooter and a digitally operated reclining chair.  She also intends to treat her daughter, but says the money will not change her.

"We are a tight-knit little family and this win will mean life will be a bit brighter," she said.