Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Big Win for Ramsgate Couple

A couple from Ramsgate in Kent has come forward to claim a seven-figure UK National Lottery prize from the Lotto drawing held on Saturday, August 2, 2014.

Retirees Sally Anne Wells, 63, and Jerry Gregory, 61, bought one of three tickets that matched the six main numbers necessary to scoop the £4,415,154 jackpot. Each ticket secured a £1,471,718 share of the prize, but although the other two ticket holders claimed their prizes fairly quickly Sally Anne had pinned their ticket to a notice board in their kitchen and never got around too checking it until this week.

The former council worker was finally spurred into action when she picked up the local paper and read about the unclaimed prize.

"We'd not long got back from France and I had about three months' worth of tickets pinned up on the notice board," Sally Anne explained. "The article reminded me that I needed to get online and check—not that I thought for one moment that I would win."

When she began checking through the tickets Sally Anne was surprised to discover she'd won a £25 prize in July, but her surprise turned to disbelief when she checked the numbers for August 2.

"I just needed a minute to collect my thoughts. It was disbelief," she recalled.

When asked if they had any plans for the money Sally Anne said: "We like things the way they are so, yes, we'll go on more holidays and get a new car for Jerry, but I'm happy with my life here as it is—and my little Golf."