Friday, August 8, 2014

Wyoming Lottery Announce Launch Day Giveaway

The Wyoming Lottery Corporation will be hosting a giveaway to decide who gets to be the first person to purchase a Wyoming Lottery ticket. As an added bonus the selected player will also be allowed to choose the retail outlet they purchase the ticket from.

The WyoLotto Launch Day Giveaway will select a random entry from each of its eight areas and the lucky Grand Prize winner will recieve the latest Jeep Wrangler as a prize and be treated to a launch day celebration at their chosen WyoLotto retailer, where they will be able to purchase the first Wyoming Lottery ticket.

Eight other area winners will be given a $1,000 prize, and a year's supply of US Mega Millions tickets, along with an invitation to the Wyoming Lottery's pre-launch business event at Wolcott Galleria in Casper on Saturday, August 23, 2014.

Wyoming Lottery CEO Jon Clontz believes the giveaway will create a little buzz about the lottery and help ensure its future success.

Clontz said: "We’ve had many people say they want to be the first person to buy a lottery ticket in Wyoming. We decided a giveaway was a great way to promote the lottery and give everyone a chance to be the one who goes down in Wyoming history as the first ticket purchaser."

Entries for the WyLotto Launch Day Giveaway must be submitted before August 16. The winners will be announced during a live event hosted at the lottery headquarters in Cheyenne on August 18.