Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Scotsman Not Fooled by Lottery Scam

The UK National Lottery has issued an alert after a man from Angus, Scotland, was targeted by scammers.

The seventy-two-year-old Monifieth resident received a letter last week that claimed to have been sent by the 'Euro Millions FIFA World Cup Super Lottery'. It stated he had won £725,000 in the Euro Millions Lottery.

The letter also said a processing fee would be required before the funds could be released and tried to trick him into passing on his bank details.

The savvy Scotsman had not purchased a ticket though, so he smelled a rat straight away and raised the alarm.

Camelot Representative Charlotte Dickson said: "I can confirm that we did not send out the letter. We don’t run anything by that name—full stop! Our advice if people receive letters they suspect are fraudulent is to contact their local trading standards authority or police."