Saturday, August 16, 2014

Indiana Joins the Monopoly Millionaire’s Club

Lottery players in the US state of Indiana will be able to take part in a new game which will make its debut on Sunday, October 19, 2014.

The new "Monopoly Millionaire’s Club" is a multi-state lottery game, but unlike US Mega Millions and US Powerball the new game will not offer huge cash prizes. The maximum win will be $1 million and each time there is a rollover instead of a growing jackpot an increased number of top prizes will become available.

Hoosier Lottery spokeswoman Courtney Arango said: "The game addresses players' requests to have more frequent prizes, but not as large as other multi-state draw games."

The lottery hopes the new game will boost their draw-type games revenue to $428 million.

The new game's format is not unique. The Canada Lotto Max works in a similar fashion, but the Lotto Max jackpot is capped at CAD$ 50 million. The Monopoly Millionaire’s Club's lower cap of just $1 million has the potential to create hundreds of $1 million winners.

The Multi-State Lottery Association is very confident about the viability of their latest offering, calling it 'the most exciting new game in lottery history', but it is not yet known how many state lotteries will be joining the 'club' and offering the game to their players.

One possible catch is the price of play. Tickets will cost $5. Tickets for most draw-type games seldom cost more than $1 to $2, but players often pay much more for scratch-off tickets and the lure of so many $1 million prizes may make the new game too hard for players to resist.