Monday, August 4, 2014

Former Priest's Name used in Powerball Scam

When former priest, Ray Cockrum, claimed the $259 Jackpot from the June 11, 2014 US Powerball drawing he said he planned to give most of the money away and continue living a simple life. Now unscrupulous lottery scam artists have hijacked his good intentions and are using his name in an advance fees con.

One intended victim, Juan Vasquez from Phoenix, Arizona, received an email claiming to have been sent by Cockrum, and saw through the scam straight away.

"I got an e-mail saying to collect my winnings I needed to pay up to $480 for an immediate transfer of the $3 million," Vasquez said. "I'm a firm believer that I do have good luck, but something just didn't jive from that."

Cockrum's PR firm is aware of the scam and stated: "He [Cockrum] is not sending e-mails offering money to individuals. No person or organization not previously known to Mr. Cockrum will be offered any prize money."