Monday, August 4, 2014

A Double Dose of Good Luck for Indiana Man

A man from Indiana has won two seven figure Hoosier Lottery prizes in less than three months.

Lady Luck first showed her favor towards Robert Hamilton on April 28, 2014, when he splashed out $10 on a Hoosier Lottery "$120 Million Cash Spectacular" scratch-off ticket and won $1 million. Then on July 22 he collected a second $1 million prize playing the same game.

According to figures supplied by the Hoosier Lottery the odds of winning a $1 million prize in the "$120 Million Cash Spectacular" game are 2.1 million to one, but Hamilton has beaten the odds twice so that's some freaky good luck.

Hamilton used the money from his first win to pay off his debts and buy a house. He also invested some money in his business and bought his father a new truck.  This time around the doubly lucky winner plans to invest in a new motorcycle.