Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Midwife's Lottery Joy

A midwife from Wigan, England, took a break from delivering babies last week and took delivery of a bundle of cash.

Poolstock resident Ruth Breen, 35, won a Euromilllions Millionaire Raffle prize of £1 million on Tuesday, July 8, but the single mum has vowed she will not allow the joyous event to change her and still intends to continue with her job at Wigan Infirmary.

"I love my job," Ruth affirmed. "Delivering babies is like winning the lottery in that both are a huge privilege and honor, but thankfully there isn’t as much paperwork with a big check."

Despite her desire to keep both her feet planted firmly on the ground, Ruth admits to being bowled over by her healthy new bank balance.

"It’s absolutely incredible," she said. "It’s gone from having to be very, very careful with money—which has always been tight—to having a million."

Up until the win the cash-strapped Wigan Warriors fan couldn't even afford a landline.

"We’ve always had no cash to spare, and every penny counts, there have been no treats," Ruth admitted and went on to say her daughter Lucy is now looking forward to a very special new addition to their home—Wi-Fi.

As for her intentions for the money, Ruth says she intends to pay off her mortgage and set some cash aside to fund Lucy's education at a private secondary school. She also plans to make a donation to the Amanda Penk Fund—set up to raise money for maternity care equipment—but Ruth hasn't forgotten her favorite rugby team. She plans to buy a couple of Wiggin Warriors Season tickets so that she and Lucy never need miss any of next season's games.