Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Arizona Pick Lottery Winner Picks up their Prize

The person who won the $1.1 million Arizona Pick jackpot on Saturday has come forward to claim their prize, but opted to remain anonymous. The Arizona Lottery announced the news on Monday, and stated the winner is a player from Gilbert.

The winner opted to take their prize as a one-off lump-sum payment of $687,500 before state and federal taxes and the timing of the win could not have been better because the winner celebrates their birthday this week.

Karen Bach, director of budget, products and communications for the Arizona Lottery said: "It was a fantastic early birthday present to the latest winner of Arizona's own jackpot game. It's exciting that Arizona has had three The Pick jackpot winners since June 25, we look forward to more winners in the future."

Bach may not have to wait long. The Wednesday night Arizona Pick drawing is just hours away and the estimated jackpot is $1 million.