Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Publican Takes a Break from Pulling Pints and Pulls in a £1 Million Win

Pub landlord Nigel Willetts, 48, cast superstition aside last last Friday and splashed out on £20 worth of lottery tickets and is very glad he did because the decision made him a millionaire.

"I'm not normally very superstitious, but when you realize it is Friday the 13th it is on your mind," the former soldier said. "But I won my fortune on that day and it will always be lucky for me now."

His £1 million Euromillions Raffle win certainly involved a healthy dose of good luck because the odds of winning the prize are 13 million to one.

Willetts, who runs the Bridgend Inn at Bedwas in Wales, was busy working behind the bar so he never got chance to check his ticket until late on Saturday afternoon and was so shocked to discover he'd won a life-changing prize he went to his local Tesco supermarket and had them double-check the ticket.

"I was shaking," Willetts admitted. "I said to the girl 'Can you check this because I'm pretty sure I’m a millionaire now?'"

Once the win had been confirmed the father of four returned to the Bridgend Inn to share the good news.

The celebrations lasted until the early hours of Sunday morning.

"I just wanted all the people I love, my family and friends, around me to share my good fortune," Willetts said.  "We kept going until 6’oclock in the morning when I then walked home and tried to take it all in."

Now money is no longer an issue the lucky winner intends to pay off the mortgage so he can own the Bridgend Inn out right.