Sunday, June 22, 2014

Australian Couple Put their Winnings to Good Use

A couple from Albany, Australia, who won AUD$ 1.4  million earlier this year have already given away over AUD$ 500,000 to people less fortunate than themselves, but the generous pair are far from done with their good deeds. In a continued effort to help others they have commissioned the building or a special six-bedroom property on the southern coast and plan to open its doors to those in need of a place of sanctuary.

The couple wishes to remain anonymous, but speaking to The Sunday Times earlier this week they said they were no strangers to hard times. In fact, prior to the win their financial situation was so bad they couldn't afford to rent a home so they and their three-year-old son had to live with relatives and often had to borrow money for gas so they could drive round looking for work.

All that changed on Saturday, January 4, 2014, when they matched all six winning numbers in the Australian Lotto drawing and won AUD$ 1,428,571.

Remembering the day their luck took a turn for the better, the wife said:  "My husband stood up on the couch and said, 'I've just won the lotto' and we were all looking at him like, 'Yeah, yeah, whatever.'"

Then when they realized he wasn't just trampling over the furniture for a joke the family's emotions got the better of them.

"Everyone had a bit of a cry, especially after it had been a financial struggle for us for years," the wife said.

Turning their back on all thoughts of high-living, the couple bought a second hand car, and a few more cars for family members then, after funding their son's future education, they began using their winnings to help people they met via charity work.