Friday, May 9, 2014

What a Lotto Big Jackpots!

Big Jackpots abound tonight. The Friday, May 9, EuroMillions draw has an estimated jackpot of £20 million. That's a big money prize that could make some very big dreams come true for someone, but if nobody matches the five numbers and two Lucky Stars drawn the prize will rollover to offer players a bigger pot to shoot for on Tuesday night.

The Canada Lotto Max drawing boasts a larger jackpot still. Some lucky punter could win CAD$ 50 million, but the potential for big prizes does not end there because there are also 7 Maxmillions prizes up for grabs.

Maxmillions are additional CAD$1 million prizes that come into play when the Canada Lotto Max Jackpot reaches CAD$50 million, and the amount of available Maxmillions prizes usually increases every time the main draw ends in a rollover.

Whenever Maxmillions prizes are available every Lotto Max ticket is automatically entered into all available draws. Players need to match all seven numbers drawn to win a Maxmillions jackpot and if the prizes are not won they rollover to the next drawing as well, making Lotto Max more exciting each week until someone finally scoops the CAD$50 million jackpot.

It may be an exciting time for Lotto Max players, but the US Mega Millions drawing takes that excitement and then times it by two because the Friday, May 9, jackpot is a staggering $105 million. That's more than the EuroMillions jackpot, the Lotto Max Jackpot, and all the Maxmillions prizes put together. It's a huge wad of cash, but it's still a baby jackpot by Mega Millions standards and it will take many more rollovers before it beats the, March 2012,  jackpot of $656 million