Wednesday, April 2, 2014

St Louis Store Clerk Accused of Elaborate Lottery Hoax

A store clerk in St Louis has been accused of devising a clever hoax, involving Missouri Lottery tickets, and stealing from her employer at the U-Gas Convenience store on Watson Road.

Olivia Hoffschwelle, 20, allegedly devised a scheme where she would scan customer's lottery tickets, pay any winners directly from the store's cash register, and then mark the tickets under "inquiry" on the computer so that the tickets would not be classed as redeemed on the lottery's system.

Investigators claim Hoffschwelle then took the winning tickets to another store and cashed them herself.

Prosecutors say Hoffschwelle paid out over $500 from the U-Gas cash register and then redeemed $425.00 in winnings from other stores.

She has been charged with felony stealing.