Sunday, April 13, 2014

Slane Publican's €6.5 Million Fantasy

An online prank resulted in a Slane publican being inundated with hundreds of congratulatory calls, and having to fend off hoards of reporters, because it was believed he'd won Wednesday night's €6,496,218 Irish Lotto Jackpot.

But despite the Facebook rumors that indicate otherwise, Brian Kelly had not scooped the big win at all.

"Unfortunately, there is no truth in it," Kelly admitted. "It was just a bit of craic [fun]!"

The rumors started when one of Kelly's friends left him a message on Facebook, congratulating him on his big win.

"It was a bit of a joke at first and I even played along for a while, but it just escalated. It sky rocketed! My phone never stopped ringing all day," Kelly said.

The identity of the real winner remains a mystery and is a hot topic of conversation among local residents.