Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Scottish Teen Nets £100,000 Lottery Win

A youth from Dundee, Scotland, found himself £100,000 better off last week when he bought a UK National Lottery scratchcard with the money he was going to use to buy a packet of crisps.

Batleys Cash and Carry worker, Jack Tanbini, 18, was out helping with deliveries, and had just finished helping a local newsagent unpack some stock, when he got a craving for a packet of crisps. When the young man tried to hand over £1 for crisps the newsagent told him the crisps were on the house so Tanbini made a spur-of-the-moment decision and decided to buy a Purple National Lottery scratchcard instead.

"When I saw I had matched three amounts I had to get the shopkeeper to double check it and then my colleague who was with me too," Tanbini said. "Even when the machine confirmed I was a winner I still didn't believe it and was just in shock."

Tanbini is only an occasional scratchcard buyer, and hadn't bought one for a while, so for him the purple purchase was a one-off.

"I was told I'd have to phone Camelot [UK National Lottery organizers], so I just went straight back to work. I mentioned it to a few people, then my boss overheard and took me into his office. They gave me a day off to get everything sorted but it still hasn't sunk in."

Tanbini now plans to invest some of his winnings in driving lessons and hopes to buy a new car, but the young man does not intend frittering away too many of his crisp notes. Most off the money will go in a savings account 'for the future'.