Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lottery Ticket Theft Leads to Drug Bust

A Pizza Shop owner from Tinicum, Pennsylvania, appeared in court last Wednesday and pleaded guilty to a conspiracy involving the theft of a lottery ticket worth $2,500. Anthony Vicidomini Sr., 52, also entered a plea of guilty, to one count of possessing a controlled substance.

Vicidomini, who owns Anthony’s Pizza Shop, was in court due to an incident that happened October 11, 2013. A customer waiting for a pizza decided to show shop employee, Nancy Souders, 18, his winning lottery ticket, telling her he intended to cash it after he left the shop.

On reaching his destination the man realized he had left his ticket on the shop counter. He rang the shop and when Sounders confirmed the ticket was still on the counter he said he would return for it and give her $50 reward.

While the man was en route Vicidomini Sr. rang him and said Sounders had mistaken an old receipt for the ticket, which was not there after all.

The man contacted the police at once and search warrants were obtained for the pizza shop and both of Vicidomini Sr.'s cars. The officers failed to find the ticket, but discovered narcotics hidden inside the shop and one of the cars—driven by Vicidomini's son.

Vicidomini Sr. and Sounders later gave statements admitting they had cashed the ticket and split the winnings.

The judge ruled that Vicidomini Sr. and Sounders must repay the stolen $2,500 and sentenced Vicidomini Sr. to time served to 23 months. He was also sentenced to one year's probation—relating to the drugs charge—to run consecutive to the theft case.

Vicidomini Jr. was not charged in relation to the theft, but is facing charges of possessing drug paraphernalia and possessing a controlled substance with intent to deliver.

Souders is scheduled to appear in court, April 28, for trial on charges relating to theft, conspiracy, receiving stolen property, and drug paraphernalia.