Thursday, April 3, 2014

Illinois Lotto: Online and Looking to the Future

The Illinois Lotto celebrates the second anniversary of their online sales platform this month.

Speaking earlier this week, Illinois Lottery Director Michael Jones said: "I see a huge future for it [online ticket sales]. It’s something that every major consumer company has— an internet interface—and the lottery has one as well."

The online sales facility is undoubtedly a useful option that a lot of lotto players are happy to take advantage of, but many players still prefer to buy their tickets the old-fashioned way and pay regular visits to their local lotto retailer.

"I always buy them local," said lotto player Aaron Webster, "so if by the chance I do win it goes back to the local community."

Fellow Illinois lotto player, Gus Bavona, also prefers to buy his tickets over the counter because he finds it more convenient to combine his love of the lottery with his grocery shopping trip. "Oh yea, it's convenient," Gus said.