Saturday, April 19, 2014

Four Million Reasons to Keep on Smiling

When Colin Roberts, 56, won the £4,390,682 UK National Lottery Jackpot on Saturday, April 12, he had every reason to smile and the retired garage owner may be smiling with a lot more confidence in future because he plans to use some of his newfound wealth to rectify a botched dental job.

"I’ve always been scared of dentists, and had some bad dental work on my front teeth some time ago, so I would like to get my teeth done privately, as well as buy a new car," he said. "The options are mine now; I can get what I want."

Colin's wife Brenda, 76, suffers from severe arthritis so Colin took an early retirement in 2007 and became her full-time carer. He and Brenda have been married for nearly 40 year and they both love their present home in Barr, Birmingham, but now feel a move may be on the cards. The garden has a lot of steps that contribute to Brenda's mobility problems and make it difficult for her to enjoy the garden unaided.

The couple discovered they were lotto winners on Sunday morning while watching TV and Colin was so astounded by their good look he found it hard to believe he wasn't dreaming.

“After checking the ticket a further six times to make sure I hadn’t made any mistakes, I went out to buy the paper so I could check it again. This just doesn’t happen to people like us—I think we are still both in shock," Colin said.