Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Name's Bayford, Adrian Bayford

Four Months after his wife left him for a car dealer Lottery Winner Adrian Bayford has found love in the arms of a 27-year-old stable girl and is looking forward to a James Bond-themed wedding ceremony.

Bayford, 43, and his new love Samantha Burbridge have been courting since January. It is believed the love-struck lotto millionaire popped the question while he and Burbridge were sharing a candlelit dinner on the beach at a £500 a night holiday resort in the Maldives.

Bayford and his wife Gillian won the £148 million EuroMillions Jackpot in August 2012. At the time they swore the win would not change them, but announced their separation in November 2013, and blamed the split on the 'stress of winning'.

Speaking last November, Mr. Bayford said, "Gillian and I have split. When you win the lottery it’s so stressful. Things happen. Sometimes in life you have to move on. We’re all happy now and life goes on."

Love has moved fast for Bayford and his new fiancée. Three weeks after they met Burbridge gave up her job and moved into her lover's luxury mansion in Suffolk.

A source close to the couple described them as 'being like a couple of teenagers'.

"Samantha looks like the cat that's got the cream and Adrian is completely smitten with her," the friend said.

The couple plan to walk down the aisle to the sound of James Bond's theme tune and the groom will wear a white suit similar to that favored by the villain Scaramanga in the 9th Bond movie, The Man with the Golden Gun.