Sunday, March 23, 2014

New Zealand Lotto Player Scoops Big Win

A woman from Wanaka, New Zealand, visited the New Zealand Lotto headquarters in Auckland on Wednesday and felt like $1 million dollars when she handed her ticket to lottery staff. She had successfully matched six of the numbers drawn on Saturday, March 17, and become Wanaka's most successful lotto player to date, but has opted to remain anonymous.

The winner bought her lucky ticket from Wanaka New World Supermarket and had her leisurely Sunday morning in bed interrupted when her partner told her someone in Wanaka had won the Lotto.

''So I thought: 'All right, I may as well check my ticket','' the winner recalled. "I had all six numbers on one row, so I called him [her partner] in and told him we'd won. He knew I was serious; it's not the kind of thing I'd joke about.''

The winner and her partner intend to continue working, but she admitted it may not be too long before they retire. "Winning Lotto will make that easier," she said.