Friday, March 21, 2014

Funny Money is No Laughing Matter for Lottery Vendor

A lottery vendor in Taiwan is out of pocket by NT$199,000—a year's salary—thanks to heartless swindler who made a mass purchase using toy money.

The man, said to have short hair and to be aged about 30, had made two previous purchases from the lottery station in Kaohsiung. His total lottery spend on March 10 and 11 came to NT$100,000 ($3,300) so the vendor was not unduly suspicious when he returned on March 13—wearing a mask!—and purchased another NT$200,000 worth of tickets. But when the vendor started to count the money she discovered only the top note was real. She then shouted after the fraudster, but he ignored her pleas and made his getaway on a motorcycle.

The vendor said the tickets should reap NT$40,000 and the winners can be cashed at any lottery shop in Taiwan.