Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Florida Lottery Player Wins 20 X the Cash

Mayo resident, Annette Blake, 52, has won $500,000 with a Florida Lottery 20 X THE CASH scratch-off ticket.

The game was one of several games launched last month. The other games are 5 X THE CASH, 10 X THE CASH, 50 X THE CASH, and 100 X THE CASH.

Tickets for 20 X THE CASH cost $5 and he overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 4.24, but Blake is the fifth person to win the game's top prize and only six more $500,000 prizes remain.

Florida Lottery scratch off tickets account for 60% of Florida Lottery Ticket sales, but the big draw games still remain a firm favorite with many players and the lottery is likely to see an increase in Lotto ticket sales this week because the jackpot on offer in the Wednesday night drawing is an enticing $22 million.