Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Canada's Lotteries Unite to Target Younger Players

Provincial lottery agencies in Canada are uniting to combat a shared problem: a decline in tickets sales to younger players.

Statistics gathered by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation reveal that, of all Ontarian residents who play the lottery at least once a week, only 13% are under 35. The average mean age of weekly players is 52.

The Western Canada Lottery Corporation covers the territories and three Prairie provinces. Their spokeswoman, Andrea Marantz, said: "We know that this young adult demographic has changed and that the kinds of games we're offering—the big lotto games—are not necessarily as appealing to today's younger adults."

Canada's Interprovincial Lottery Corporation represents all the provincial and territorial lottery agencies and they are now seeking consultants who can help them 'brainstorm' ideas for a new lottery game, similar to Lotto 6-49, that will be attractive to younger players.

"Lottery is like any other kind of consumer product, Marrantz said, "We have to expend some effort in research and development to just keep products relevant."

But the lotteries may have a tough job on their hands. Many younger players are not prepared to invest their money in lottery dreams that may not come true.

Sally MacDonald, 32, works for the social services in Winnipeg and belongs to the lotteries target age group, but she says the odds of a lottery win are too long.

"There's no results from it," MacDonald said. "I've watched my dad play 6-49 for years and years, and he's maybe won $500."

MacDonald believes the internet provides many better forms of entertainment than the lottery. She'd rather do Buzzfeed quizzes.

"But something like a lottery ticket, unless you're winning, you're not getting entertained," she said.