Friday, February 21, 2014

War for Lotto Cash Comes to an End

A long legal battle over lotto cash came to an end this week.

Five years ago Sam Haddad won $32 million in the Canada 6/49 Lotto draw and split the prize with his barber.

Three months after the June 2008, drawing Haddad's sister, Nahas, began legal proceedings, claiming that Haddad and his barber friend had agreed all three of them would play the lottery together and divide the winnings.

On Thursday Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Beaudoin discounted Nahas' claims and ruled that she pay her brother's $177,000 legal costs.

Dancing with happiness outside the court, Haddad told reporters he would never forgive his sister for the damage she has caused to their family.

"It looks good on her," Haddad said. "I’ll be waiting for her to pay every cent that I paid for my lawyer."