Friday, February 14, 2014

Ohio Police Worried about New Lottery Scam

Lottery scams are becoming increasingly commonplace these days and, despite all the cautionary tales available on the web and in the media, con artists continue to sucker in a frightening amount of victims. More often than not the scammers tell their victims a big lottery win is on the way, and then ask for a processing fee to release the funds or to cover up-front taxes, but police in Williamstown, Ohio, are concerned about a new scam that breaks from the norm.

According to the police report the latest scam is operated via the US mail. Victims receive a mailing from the Lincoln Financial Group informing them they have matched five numbers in the Multi-State Lottery and won $250,000. A disturbingly realistic-looking check for $3,900 is included in the mailing. This is supposedly to cover taxes of $2,600, plus insurance and handling costs of $1,300.

The enclosed letter states Lincoln Financial Group has been hired by the Multi-State Lottery Associate and entrusted with the task of notifying winners of the "USA Lottery Sweepstakes Millions" contest.

The letter also tells the recipient to expect a visit from a lottery representative, who will bring the winning check right to their door, but the claim cannot be completed until the Lincoln Financial Group receives a signature and written confirmation of the winner's mailing address.

The letter mentioned in the Williamstown police report was mailed in a Walmart envelope bearing a Canadian stamp. Anyone who receives such a mailing should contact their local police department immediately.