Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Jersey Pick 6 Jackpot Still up for Grabs

The New Jersey Lottery's Pick 6 jackpot hasn't been claimed in a while. The last time was December 12, last year, when one winner matched all 6 balls and won $12.8 million. The next Pick 6 draw is on Thursday, and the current jackpot stands at $4.3 million, so maybe this week could see the first Pick 6 jackpot win of the year.

The Jersey Cash 5 jackpot, though much smaller, has already been won several times this year; but with a draw each day perhaps that's not so surprising. The Jackpot was scooped again on Saturday when someone matched all five numbers and won $229,935 on a ticket bought in Vineland, Cumberland County, NJ.