Thursday, February 20, 2014

Man Steps Out for Cookies and Discovers he is a Lotto Winner

Shamus Harmon, from Salem, Oregon, was a lotto winner and never knew it until he noticed a Girl Scout selling cookies and decided he needed some cash to satisfy his sweet tooth.

When Harmon saw the girl brandishing her cookies he dashed to the nearest ATM, bought some cookies, and then decided to check if any of his lottery ticket were winners.

"I gave the person at the counter my Powerball, Mega Millions and Win for Life tickets to check," Harmon said.

When she ran the Win for Life ticket through her machine the perplexed clerk saw a message she had not seen before. She did some further checks and then told Harmon he'd won the Win for Life Jackpot.

Win for Life prizes can be taken in a one-off lump sum payment or in weekly instalments. Harmon claimed his prize on Monday chose to take it in installments of $1,000 a week for life.