Saturday, January 4, 2014

Mystery Powerball Winner Chooses to Remain Anonymous

The mystery lotto player, who won the entire division one prize in the Australian Powerball draw, on December 26, has finally come forward to claim their $50 million prize. The mammoth win sets a new record for New South Wales, but the winner has chosen to remain anonymous.

When the undisclosed winner contacted New South Wales Lotteries on Thursday, January 2, they told lottery officials, "I had only recently heard that there was a missing Powerball winner so decided to check my ticket. But I didn't think it could be me."

The search for the winner was also made harder because the Powerball ticket was not registered to a Player's Club Card. "Instead of being able to phone the winner to tell them they'd be starting the new year $50 million richer," lottery official, Belinda McDougall, explained, "NSW Lotteries had to wait for the winner to check their ticket and contact us."

NSW Lotteries recommends all lottery players register their entries to a NSW Lotteries Players Club card because it ensures their prize is secure and provides a means by which lottery personnel can inform them if they have a division one win.

The winning Powerball ticket was purchased from the South Dubbo Newsagency, Tamworth Street; and newsagency staff member, Andrew Bartlett, is still finding it hard to believe they sold such a big winner. "It's just incredible to think that we sold that winning ticket," he stated.