Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lotterywest Spokeswoman Praises Retailers

Lotterywest retailers in the Peel region (Australia) sold 13 Division One winning lotto tickets last year. In February the Mandurah City News sold a $1.37 million ticket and the followed up with another winner in June. The Meadow Springs Lottery Centre and Newsagency also sold winning tickets, as did News Express Silver Sands. Agencies in Kwinana, Rockingham, Safety Bay, and Warnbro accounted for the rest of the sales.

The winning tickets had a combined value of $15.3 million and Lotterywest spokeswoman, Jody Nunn, believes people often fail to realize the important role retailers play, "Lotterywest retailers help create dreams each week for our winners," she said, "but we rarely tally up how much they actually contribute towards supporting our community."

Most of the money spent on Oz Lotto, Powerball Lotto, and Lotterywest's other games is returned to the community, with 60% of this being paid out in prize money. Lottery running costs and commission account for a further 15% of the revenue, but the rest of the money is used to provide grants and funding for community projects.

Still speaking about the importance of retailers, Nunn went on to say, "They really do make a huge impact on so many lives around Western Australia, with 1299 grants made to 1034 community and charitable organizations in 2012/13."

Using St John's Ambulance as an example, she pointed out that a $1.25 million Lotterywest grant had helped pay for new sub-branch facilities and property improvements, and also contributed towards equipment and transport costs.