Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Liquor Store Lotto Ticket Provides a Cause for Celebration

A Waldorf man had reason to celebrate at the weekend after a lottery ticket he bought from his local liquor store won $1 million in the Friday night (US) Mega Millions draw.

Yasmaille Castor purchased the ticket from Westlake Liquors on Smallwood Drive in Waldorf. When he checked the numbers on Saturday he already knew he didn’t have the Mega ball, but was surprised to discover he had correctly matched all five of the other numbers.

Castor had no idea how much he had won. He guessed about $5,000; and whooped "ay-yi-yi!" when he realized the true extent of his win.

Castor now plans to pay off his car loan and set some money aside to put his four children through college.