Friday, January 3, 2014

Finland Lottery's Revealing Policy Changes

Finnish lottery organizers, Veikkaus, are ringing in the changes this year and many Finland Lotto winners will be unable to enjoy the same level of anonymity as those who have hit the jackpot in previous years.

Veikkaus never used to reveal the name of the district winners lived in if the population was less than 3,000. Their New Year policy changes all of that. Size no longer matters and the district lottery jackpot winners live in will now become public knowledge, making it much easier for inquisitive Finns to figure out if a lotto millionaire is living in their street.

If the winner lives in a town that has over 50,000 residents Veikkaus may reveal their neighborhood as well.

Veikkaus claim the new policy has become necessary because changes to district borders have resulted in an increased number of districts with smaller populations.

"Revealing the neighborhood within a town will only be done on a case-by-case basis, and that information will continue to be kept secret in sparsely populated areas or towns with few inhabitants," Veikkaus stated.

All of the mainland will be subject to the new policy, but residents of the Ă…land islands will be spared the changes and allowed to continue under the old policy. Lottery players who hit the jackpot prior to the new policy will also be allowed to shelter under the protection of the previous policy and can continue to be as elusive as they wish.