Saturday, December 28, 2013

Powerball Player Wins $50 Million!

An Australian Powerball Lotto player netted a mind-blowing $50 million on Thursday. The ticket, purchased in the Orana region, sets a record for being the biggest single lotto win in New South Wales, but the unregistered ticket-holder has not come forward yet.

The money was won on a division one entry, and NSW Lotteries representative, Belinda McDougal, believes the winner may be recovering form overindulgence during the Christmas period and be unaware of the win. "We have no way of contacting the winner to tell them they will be starting the New Year as a multi-millionaire," McDougall stated.

The winning numbers are 16, 39, 7, 35, 3 and 25. The Powerball was number 13.